Deloitte Elevates Employee Wellness with Comprehensive Fitness Program

In a pioneering move, Deloitte has partnered with us to enrich their company benefits by integrating our bespoke Yoga and Fitness classes. This initiative underscores Deloitte’s commitment to fostering employee wellness and productivity.


The program kicked off with two initial training sessions in Yoga and Fitness, led by our esteemed coaches, Carolina and Kiko. These sessions are set to occur regularly, ensuring sustained engagement and wellness impact. Moreover, we are in the process of introducing a nutrition workshop to complement the physical wellness activities.

We extend our gratitude to the Workplace Experience Managers for their instrumental role in enabling this cooperation. Their vision for a healthier workplace culture has been key to this successful collaboration.

Future Outlook

Encouraged by the positive feedback and outcomes, we are in the midst of planning additional fitness and health classes, aiming to further diversify Deloitte’s wellness offerings.